Goodness explained he had unsafe sex having Lexi

Goodness explained he had unsafe sex having Lexi

Goodness explained he had unsafe sex having Lexi

Lena tells Callie and you can Jude which he need to citation an exam to get into personal college or university. On the decide to try, Jude has to access minimum a 65. But once Lena watched which he almost had an excellent 65, she changes one of his responses. She performs this thus he is able to remain at school and get with Callie.

At tell you, Garrett did an element on their moms’ current want to separation and divorce, and it also bolstered Lena and you will Stef’s matchmaking

Lena tries to prepare for Mariana and you may Jesus’ quinceanera, just like the she, Mariana, and you will Lexi head to an outfit fitted. When Lena pays more than she is to getting a dress, $300, this disappoints Stef since they do not just possess as frequently currency as well as, and it’s only an one-big date topic. Lena states the dress can be used for the latest prom, she’s anxious to offer Mariana and you will Goodness the best quinceanera. At the same time, Lena’s mommy, Dana, check outs the brand new Encourages, however, causes alot more argument on her behalf. Lena becomes totally upset when this lady mom claims you to definitely she will can’t say for sure exactly what it’s want to be a black woman, considering the fact that this woman is biracial, created to help you a light dad, and you may she retaliates by walking aside from inside the rips. Stef relates to Lena’s save and you can tries to understand her emotions. Meanwhile, Lena is seen enjoying the rest of the evening, including introducing videos of your teens of Jesus and Mariana into the video. When Mariana feels terrible that she didn’t score a way to moving together mothers, she and you can Stef give the girl an embrace and you will dancing along with her.

Stef and you will Lena are throwing an event that have subscribers. God claims you to definitely its team sucks and you may she renders your clean up the food. Following the cluster is over, Wyatt raises themselves to Stef and you may Lena. Wyatt support the new mothers which have washing ingredients. Then he actually leaves establishing a primary an excellent feeling as they for example him. Those activities irritates Brandon who may have install thinking getting Callie.

They drove family and you can, while in the newest garage, began to take part each other intimately

Stef introduced Goodness home. Lena and you may Stef disagreed towards thing to do. Stef believed that they should give the pill to Lexi, and never give the lady moms and dads. Lena considered that is completely wrong and you can stormed out over rating dressed.

Stef was at family and you can Lena hurried the home of dispute that have the lady while the Lexi involved the girl workplace to share with the lady so you’re able to give thanks to Stef having offering the lady [Lexi] this new morning immediately after pill. Lena reprimanded Stef and you can she fought straight back. Stef explained one to she performed the thing that was ideal for the man and you can Lexi. Lena unwillingly agreed with Stef for the present time. Brandon rushes upstairs to get ily do overdo it, Mariana had a nose sharp and Stef and Lena had been displeased but forgotten they for now so they gets toward show.

Very early one morning, Stef and you can Lena try sitting down on kitchen area at breakfast providing Jesus bundle eating having Lexi’s mothers. Stef jokingly says to Jesus what they’re that have and you can Jesus is surprised. Stef says to him one to she had been sarcastic and requested as to the reasons is he so stoked up about it and it is only an effective dining toward Riveras which they will have known for lengthy.

Brandon was training cello, and you can Lena arrived to his area, and informed your you to their instructor was lucky to own your. Brandon informs Lena that he expectations he doesn’t ruin as he only has that opportunity. Shortly after Brandon and you will Lena accomplished speaking, Lena need your good luck into his guitar audition and you will informed him he doesn’t have anything to worry about.

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