Contoh Soal Track 5 : Rain and Rips

Contoh Soal Track 5 : Rain and Rips

Is people available? Really does anyone listen otherwise care any longer? The audience is traditions towards the a death world, Our company is killing everything you that’s alive, And whoever attempts to reject they Wears a wrap

And you can becomes reduced to rest And so i penned such songs getting a passing entire world, I’m very sorry but I am telling the way it is, And everybody trying to save they Such musical try to possess your, too. Was someone available to choose from?

sixteen. What type of planet is actually we lifestyle today? An excellent. Dying World B. an effective entire world C. stunning planet D. sweet entire world Elizabeth. charming entire world

The author has got his assumption out-of his partner D

17. Who happen to be individuals who refute that they have murdered life something? Good. People who wear a tie as well as have reduced so you’re able to rest B. People who listen you to song C. People that real time near the artist D. individuals who work in the city Age. people that offer link and you can T-top

18. “And becomes paid off to rest”. The expression “will get paid” form…. An effective. Receives a commission having functions complete B. Pay someone C. pick which have currency D. sell with affordable prices E. bring totally

19. To possess who does the fresh new singers penned you to definitely tune? A. Towards dying entire world B. For all of us nowadays C. For those who work hard D. for people who research hard Elizabeth. to possess everything that is a real time

20. How does the new musician feel sorry? A beneficial. Because the the guy tells the fact B. As the guy cannot tell the truth C. As the the guy lies D. Since the he can maybe not speak E. While the the guy works on the globe

Rain and tears all the same But in the sun you have to play the game Once you scream within the winter season Your cannot imagine, it’s only the latest rain