Brand new Witches out of Escazu provided beginning so you can a frightening legend known because the Maria Los angeles Negra

Brand new Witches out of Escazu provided beginning so you can a frightening legend known because the Maria Los angeles Negra

Brand new Witches out of Escazu provided beginning so you can a frightening legend known because the Maria Los angeles Negra

Maria La Negra

Maria is a black woman just who lived-in Escazu and you will is called among the many history, well-known witches in the region. Residents dreaded Maria while they guessed she had the benefit to transform herself toward a large, black colored pig. When their pops found their own inside the an intense trance creating traditions trailing their household, she cautioned him to not give someone on what he had seen. Once discovering one their own grandfather keeps shared her magic towards the natives, Maria noticed vindictive. She shed a spell that caused the loss of among their favourite grandchildren and you may consistently harassed your in the form of the new ghostly and you can massive black pig. The legend away from Maria Los angeles Negra is the most of many tales one to borrowing from the bank women which have adaptive powers – usually choosing to exercise after being distressed in daily life.

The fresh new lady means danger

Since majority of stories mentioned up to now borrowing from the bank feminine having a somewhat cutting-edge character, anyone else possess a one-sided intent. The information, expertise and you may power you to definitely shape the women within these reports, have always carried a quantity of danger within it. Stories instance La Mona and you can ples of that. A few of the afterwards stories need work on it dark front side and you may share with a horrifying story along with a morality facts. On these legends an effective female’s education try harmful, their charm try deceiving, along with her strength try frightening.

Los angeles Segua

One such morality facts informs the storyline of Segua, a cursed lady off Cartago who tries to entrap wandering men. Just after an attractive girl, she fell in love with a great Foreign-language administrator who does trick their own to the sexual misconduct in order to up coming hop out the town not to feel heard out-of again. Inspired crazy because of the his disappearance along with her individual disgrace, she turned a hideous monster locals reference since the La Segua. The woman is thought to go back to their particular gorgeous thinking and waiting by the desolate routes to own unsuspecting dudes. After they is actually lured inside of the her charm and offer their own an elevator, they come in person having a monster for the head out-of a pony and consuming purple vision.

This new morality speaks so you can group both. It alerts guys about the risks of beautiful and you may alone female that will tempt her or him out-of their own families. Towards the feminine, they shows one to shedding for the tips of males can have terrible outcomes.

Los angeles Llorona

La Llorona try good legend that is extensively informed in Costa Rica additionally the rest of Latin why San juan brides The usa. It informs the storyline from a pleasant more youthful lady named Maria whom lived-in a rural neighborhood. When a rich nobleman was take a trip because of their unique village and you can noticed her, they certainly were immediately drawn to for each and every other’s charms. New nobleman advised and you will Maria cheerfully acknowledged. If you are Maria’s moms and dads was indeed ecstatic she are ily, this new nobleman’s father are very upset one their son is actually marrying with the impoverishment. In order to stay away from their disapproving dad, the couple dependent a house from the town and you may paid indeed there.

Immediately following certain ages, Maria provided birth so you’re able to a couple sons and you may was shedding her young charm. Their particular partner try saving money much less big date at home and when he did, he merely had vision getting their sons. As he turned up having a young lady and told you good-bye so you can his sons totally ignoring their wife, Maria dropped with the a fit out-of fury and you will grabbed their children on to brand new river and you may drowned him or her. Immediately after back once again to particular amount of relaxed, suffering and you will feel dissapointed about instantaneously befell their unique and you may she seriously come to discover their particular boys. In other cases after she is discover dead of the lake lender.

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